546 MILLION $FEVR officially burned!

3 min readJul 14, 2022


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546 MILLION Tokens Burned

As you all know, 40% of the total $FEVR spent in every Pack Drop is locked and removed from circulation for an undetermined period of time (as stated in our Tokenomics). Additionally, the fate of every token that gets locked depends on what RealFevr decides, in the future.

Drop #1 — 49.1M $FEVR locked

After successfully selling over 75 000 packs in our First Edition Drop, 49.1 million tokens were removed from circulation.

This represented the first step to decreasing the circulation supply of the token and everyone was extremely happy with these results.

Drop #2 — 69.2M $FEVR locked

The amount of $FEVR locked in the first-ever Drop was impressive but in our second Drop, we have raised the bar even higher!

This time, 69.2 million tokens were removed from circulation. This represented 116.3 million tokens locked by October 2021.

Drop #3 — everything changed

Wait… shouldn’t the number of tokens locked increase Drop after Drop? The answer would be yes but we have made a different decision this time.

To celebrate the 1 year anniversary of our $FEVR token, we realized we had to make a big move. After all, this is a date we will never forget!

So, instead of locking the astonishing amount of 429.7 million tokens that represent the usual 40% of the total $FEVR spent (as stated in our tokenomics), we decided to burn it all!

You read it right…


Not only we have burned the 429.7 million tokens from Drop #3, but we also burned the total sum of 116.3 million tokens from the past 2 Drops!

In other words, A TOTAL OF 546 MILLION TOKENS WERE OFFICIALLY BURNED! They were removed from circulation and removed from the total supply of the token!

Now, the Maximum Supply of $FEVR = 15 453 746 771.1 (and not 16B anymore)

You can confirm the TXid from the burn even in the link below:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Burning tokens was a one-time event and may never occur in the future. We will make no promises or commitments in any shape or form to burn further tokens. Do not expect any promises of work in regards to the token and token distribution.

Our goal is to make the price as stable as possible so it made sense to burn tokens at the present, given the excess supply in circulation. That may change at any time without a moment's notice.

Congratulations everyone, happy birthday $FEVR!

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